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Pop Pals Ice Pop Holders!

Pop Pals Ice Pop Holders by M3 & Company, was invented by a mom frustrated with messy pops, she constantly found herself wrapping paper towels, napkins and even tissues around the bottoms of ice pops to keep her childrens hands from freezing and to prevent sticky messes.  Unable to find a product on the market that would satisfy her needs, and after much research and development, she launched the Pop Pals line out of her home with the love and  support of her family.

What is a Pop Pal ?

Pop Pals are soft flexible freeze pop holders designed to keep little  hands warm and clean. Pop Pals also make it easier and more fun for kids to squeeze up the frozen treat, while minimizing drips. Pop Pals' unique design and flexible material allow children of any age to use them with ease.
Pop Pals are fun and easy to use; just briefly warm ice pop by running it under water for a few seconds or by rolling in your hand.  Then, insert ice pop into mouth of Pop Pal until the wrapper comes through the bottom slot just a bit. To eat ice pop, squeeze belly of Pop Pal (this motion pushes ice pop up), eat, and then gently pull wrapper down. When you want more just repeat: squeeze, eat, and gently pull wrapper down until ice pop is all gone.

Patent Pending
M3 & Company, LLC was founded in 2008 in Temecula, California. All products are mom invented, kid approved. All rights reserved.